Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Hi Pauline,

Thanks for the Banksy. You might enjoy this too. I painted it in 2012. The title is “If Damien Hirst were an Artist…. fill in the rest” (painted on my iPad with one finger in 5 minutes) 

Helene Goldberg: If Damien Hirst were an Artist…fill in the rest

I do like some of Renoir’s early works, but maybe it’s all the pink cheeks that turn me off. With Monet, it bothers me that he didn’t credit Turner in the painting that clearly copies him. Again, there is much I like but he’s not a favorite. I agree with you it’s often just personal taste, but with Hirst and Koons it’s deeper. They are kitsch made to appeal to rich thugs who need to launder their money. While I’m on a rant, I really don’t like Andy Warhol very much either. I guess I don’t like artists who are cynical about their own art. I agree about Guyton too. Just not very interesting to look at.


Turner's water and sky in 1840

Monet's water and sky in 1902

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