Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hirst, Banksy, Guyton, taste, innovation, Monet, Renoir, Degas

Banksy on Hirst

Dear Helene,

To make you smile, Banksy about Hirst. For Hirsts sensationalism I feel a strong dislike. More strong opinion! I saw Wade Guyton's huge letterprints in the Whitney Museum in 2012 and was reminded of the emperor's new clothes.

Something odd with Renoir and Monet. No doubt they were great innovators, but if I look at Renoir he feels rather old school to me (though I like his portrait of Sisley) and Monet's large pond paintings strike me as positively weak. I dont feel the same at all about Degas and several other contemporaries. We look with our past and genes of course, no escape. But is this just a matter of personal taste, or would the quality of innovation over time perhaps be knocked out by the quality of the work?


Renoir: Portrait of Sisley, ca. 1875

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